Wedding Photos – Posed or Unposed?

Wedding Photos – Posed or Unposed?

I was talking to a bride-to-be the other day who told me she didn’t like the idea of reportage-style photographs at her wedding as she likes to compose her face before being photographed and hates to be caught unawares!  Of course others see it quite differently and hate posing for the camera – they feel unnatural and awkward so would prefer not to know that they are being photographed…

Wedding couple Westlakes Hotel

Happy to Pose

It’s important to take these feelings into account at a wedding. I always take a real mixture of posed and unposed shots, but if the bride and groom are confident in front of the camera I’ll  give them opportunities to do it, whereas if they are quite shy I tend to operate much more in the background.

In the end, most people choose a variety of picture styles for their album – some that are spontaneous and full of life, some more obviously composed and designed to be flattering. It’s one of the reasons wedding photography is such an endlessly fascinating and fulfilling job!

Bride and Groom

A sneaky kiss!

Bride photo Low Wood Hotel Windermere

Fashion-style shot

Wedding couple

More Posing!

Wedding photo bride

Not a shrinking violet!

Wedding Group Low Wood Hotel Windermere

The Bride shows how to Pout!

Wedding couple Lodore Falls Hotel

Taken from a Distance

Wedding Couple

Taken unawares

Bridal photo Armathwaite Hall Lake District

Posing with Umbrella

The photographer demonstrates the art of posing!

The photographer demonstrates the art of posing!


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  1. Can you give me a break down in cost and what photos you do for weddings please as we’re after a photographer for next September many thanks Richard

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