Ever thought about the history of weddings?

Ever thought about the history of weddings?

It’s an interesting topic, when you come to think of it.  We’re all familiar with the present day traditions and ceremonies – the proposal, the engagement, the exchange of rings, the Best Man’s speech, the honeymoon – all the things that make it so special.  But in all probability it wasn’t always like this.  So how did it evolve, and when, and why is a wedding today like it is?

Well, for starters here’s a fascinating infographic that sheds some light on the evolution:

a brief history of weddings

Image From http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2012/12/10/weddings-history_n_2272022.html

There are some really lovely facts here, including the belief that the first approximations to modern day weddings took place nearly 4,500 years ago, and that the term “honeymoon” came about because newlyweds used to drink honey wine for an entire moon-cycle after the big day.   But surely the best fact is that the bride always stands to the groom’s left because back in the day the groom needed his right hand free to fight off other suitors!  Can you imagine having to fight off, literally, another man during the wedding?  As they say, nostalgia isn’t what it once was …

It’s not clear exactly when photographers first started being an integral part of the wedding day, but since 1839 is considered the birth year of practical photography, we know that it’s quite recent.  In the early days of photography, most couples didn’t hire a photographer, instead posing in formal clothing for one or two shots before or after the wedding.  It wasn’t until the late 1860’s that couples started hiring photographers, and even then the equipment was quite bulky and there were usually some lighting problems.  As colour photography took off in the 2oth century, and as cameras became smaller and more sophisticated, so wedding photography really took off – with the result that today it’s generally accepted that wedding photography is one of the must haves on the day, with a quality photographer capturing those special moments and preserving them for ever.  As we said last time A thing of beauty is a joy for ever – and the wonderful photographs you’ll have will always remind you of the day and make you smile over the wonderful memories.

Of course, you need to make sure that your wedding photographer is going to do a brilliant job for you, and we covered off some thoughts on this last time.

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