What makes a great Lake District Wedding Photographer?

What makes a great Lake District Wedding Photographer?

I’ve talked about what makes a great photograph, and also what makes a great photographer (which as discussed is so much more than someone who simply takes great photographs – difficult though that can be).  It’s now time to look specifically at what makes a great Lake District Wedding Photographer …

The clue is in the question itself – take a look at the photograph below for starters.

army photo

There are very few places in the world as beautiful as the Lake District.  Some would argue – there is nowhere quite as beautiful.  The lakes, of course, but also the mountains, and the woods, and the wildlife.  And let’s not forget that very particular – unique in fact – light that is so special, and will add such a wonderful dimension to your wedding photographs.

The brilliant thing is – this beauty is evident all the year round.  So whether your wedding is in the heights of summer, the depths of winter, the promise of spring, or the joy of autumn, the backdrop will be truly wonderful in all cases.

And yes it does rain in the Lakes sometimes – and if it does the most sublime shots are possible … so good that you’ll be pleased that the sun didn’t shine!

Cloudy and overcast?  Who cares?


Finding someone who knows exactly where to go – all the best locations, whatever the season – is clearly vital.  And not just the obvious, popular places.  Those places that almost feel secret, that will add so much to your special day.

So you need someone local.  Someone who lives in the Lake District.  Someone who knows all the special places.  Someone who embraces the weather and uses it to perfection – whether it’s glorious sunshine or driving rain.  Someone with a long and successful track record of taking great wedding photographs.  Someone with a very long list of very happy couples as clients.  Someone who captures the special light.  Someone you can totally rely upon …

It sounds like a bit of a tall order, doesn’t it really?  Finding someone who meets that specification.  So now for the good news – you’ve found them!

I’ve been a Lake District Wedding Photographer for a long time now, and I’d like to think – in fact, I’m confident – that whatever the time of year, and whatever the weather, I can help to make your day perfect and give you beautiful wedding photographs that you’ll treasure for ever.

And if it rains??????????


For a professional Lake District Wedding Photographer, Simon Anderson Photography is one of Cumbria’s leading photography studios.  We cover the whole of the beautiful Lake District, and have a totally flexible approach tailored to each of our clients.  For more information on how we can help you with the perfect wedding photographs, visit our contact page or by calling us on

 01768 866899

We will be delighted to help you!


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