How Many Dogs?!

How Many Dogs?!

We do a lot of pet photography, and although we’re happy to photograph most creatures (human or otherwise) the majority of our pet portraiture is for dogs. I like photographing dogs. Generally speaking they aren’t self conscious about their appearance, they don’t think their nose is too big or their ears too floppy, and I’ve found that they usually like their pictures very much… however, I did find myself challenged the other day when Lizi brought in FIVE dogs for a group photo! Anyway, we did manage to get some great shots in spite of the general boisterousness of the subjects.5dogs002 5dogs001

This is all very tiring...

This is all very tiring…

Hasn't he finished yet?

Hasn’t he finished yet?

Oh, oh... I think he's spotted us!

Oh, oh… I think he’s spotted us!

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